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Necessary and Ideal

Klimbo solves the problem faced by all parents when they use a public restroom with a young child: the lavatory is not accessible.


Launched in 2016, Klimbo is a retractable step that responds to the little ones’ need for independence by giving them easy access to lavatories in public restrooms. Thus they can wash their hands properly without splashing water everywhere, just like at home.

Klimbo demonstrates a concern for young families, promotes hand hygiene and, consequently, public health.

Klimbo represents a clear advantage, both budgetary and organizational, over lowered sinks. Due to its inclined design, it does not stand in the way of the adult user. Klimbo is therefore the ideal solution to make a lavatory accessible to children.

Installing Klimbo enhances the customer experience offered to families, ensuring optimum use of the premises by all users, while reducing maintenance requirements.

Elegant and Ergonomic

The fruit of a long collaboration between designers, architects and engineers, Klimbo projects an image of round contours that is both contemporary and playful.


Its availability in the 190 RAL classic colors and in a multitude of metallic finishes makes Klimbo suitable for all decors. Also, it can be adapted to the customer's brand or serve as a medium to communicate with its clientele. The signage for the mirror, supplied in two sizes and matched to the color of Klimbo, is tenacious and clearly indicates the function of Klimbo to the users.

•Concealed anchors and mechanism
•Body easily removable from the base to access the plumbing

Robust and Safe

Designed with a focus on total child safety, Klimbo turns out to be an extremely robust piece of furniture.


Klimbo is completely safe for its small users: free from pinch points and sharp edges, its imbedded adhesive tread, made from recycled tires, prevents slipping even when the step is wet.

Solidly anchored to the bathroom floor, Klimbo easily supports the weight of two adults. Thanks to its 800 lb (360 kg) load capacity and its encapsulated anchors and mechanism, Klimbo resists the most determined vandals and thieves.

• Aircraft-grade aluminum construction
• Tempered steel load-bearing parts

Easy to Maintain

The ingenious design of Klimbo meets the expectations of the most demanding property managers and those of their maintenance staff.


Klimbo is easily installed in existing facilities, as well as in those to be renovated or built.

Klimbo’s patented mechanism uses simple, nonbreakable parts instead of hydraulic components with a limited lifespan. A blackened stainless steel hardware and a thermosetting powder coating of the same type as that applied to the rims of cars, give Klimbo the best possible rust protection.

• Resistance to cleaning products even at high frequency of maintenance
• Encapsulated base that mops don’t get caught in

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